• Set of 2 boxes with matching lids - Brown Pattern

Set of 2 boxes with matching lids - Brown Pattern

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These boxes were produced with Cauaçu (Calathea lutea), a common plant and herb in the Amazon region, that reaches up to 5 meters (over sixteen feet) in length.

The artisans use the stem fibers to weave items such as baskets, and other useful household products. The pieces follow a style created by a group of artisan women called Teçumê D'Amazonia, inhabitants of the Amana Indigenous Reserve.

The Amana reserve, along with neighboring reserves, Mamirauá and Jau National Park, compose the basin of the Japura, Black and Middle Solimões rivers, in the state of Amazonas.These reserves form the largest conserved indigenous area in Brazil. The area is vast and has virtually no contact with the outside world.

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